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Amazing new Merlin vid from [ profile] obsessive24 focusing on Morgana: Blinding

Seriously amazing. What a brilliant showcase of Morgana's arc throughout the show, with better storytelling than the show itself. This one hurts.
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Spoilers for Arthur's Bane, both parts )

Between Merlin, Downton Abbey, and Once Upon a Time, my weekend TV viewing is maxed out. Luckily, all of them are entertaining (though DA is very often completely infuriating) and OUaT continues to give me multiple kickass women every week. Best time of year for TV!
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These promo pics are JUST the thing I needed after a long day to combat my (these days) generally depressed state of mind. Mild spoilers as far as costumes go, but nothing very specific.

Particular faves are this one of Arthur, Gwen looking totally fierce, and Arthur and the Knights with bonus standing-on-boxes/platforms for the shorter members of the cast. Hee!

I love the way they're dressing Gwen this season. I don't normally wish to wear dresses and indeed don't really own any except for a few joke fancy dresses, but I do find myself itching to try to make hers. No way could I match all the embroidery, though, so oh well.

Is it Saturday yet?
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Spoilers! )

Btw, this new entry page is screwing up for me every damn time I try to post. If just one little tag is wrong it messes up the entire text and I pretty much have to retype it. Stop messing with stuff, LJ!

So. Merlin.

Oct. 1st, 2011 08:43 pm
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Wow, I got some of my Merlin squee back. Feels good!

Spoilers behind cut )


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