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castalia: (Dr Who - Doctor Donna)

Fannish Argosies

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Created on 2009-04-23 01:57:05 (#117503), last updated 2017-07-22 (12 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Nov 17
Location:United States of America
Fannish Argosies - Home to the fannish magpie known as Castalia. Mostly fannish content, with a bit of RL sprinkled about. I dabble in many, many fandoms and things scientific or ship-related. Current obsessions - Hannibal, Orphan Black, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Hobbit, various aspects of the MCU, Mad Max Fury Road, steampunk, sail ships, artillery, and all manner of squids, cuttlefish, and other cephalopods.

Herein you will find fandom commentary, random squeeing, scientific babbling, icons, reviews, recs, and a bit of fic now and then. This journal is very slash-oriented, just so you know. I friend pretty much everyone who friends me; the more the merrier.

Owner/moderator of [info]davidhewlettfen.

Co-maintainer/moderator for [info]indeedsir and [info]ontd_science.

Icon credits:

Brushes, borders, and textures by [info]quebelly, [info]teh_indy, [info]inxsomniax, [info]pekeana, [info]_kali_, [info]crumblingwalls, [info]calixa, [info]kimberly_a, [info]maggieroofus, [info]shagalote, [info]hermintage, [info]wednesday_icons, [info]leftofmyheart, [info]hecatesknickers, [info]dj43, Petticoatrow, and the folks over at [info]100x100_brushes.

Interests (125):

100x100, 18th-19th century artillery, age of sail, arilan/cardiel, artillery, aubrey/maturin, band of brothers, barney miller, battlestar galactica, beckett/mckay, ben browder, bertie wooster, blackadder, blandings castle, bookstores, british naval history, bsg2003, bush/cotard, canadian films, cannons, carson beckett, cephalopods, chemoreception, civil war reenactment, colin cunningham, corner gas, cuttlefish, daniel/paul, david hewlett, decemberists, docslash, doctor who, due south, episcopalianism, fandom, fanfiction, farscape, fenndom, flight of dragons, fullmetal alchemist, gay pants, good omens, gormenghast, greek mythology, gunnery, hercules the legendary journeys, horatio hornblower, horatio nelson, hugh laurie, ice hockey, imports, infanticide, invisible man, jeeves, jeeves and wooster, knitting, lord of the rings, magnificent seven, man from uncle, marching band, marine biology, maritime history, mash, master and commander, mervyn peake, meta, miracles, modern family, monty python, nashville predators, nautical archaeology, naval ordnance, nelson's navy, old west, ookla the mok, orchestra, orchids, oscar wilde, p.g. wodehouse, patrick o'brian, paul/alva, photomicrography, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pittsburgh penguins, power metal, pudding, pushing daisies, rare fandoms, rareslash, real ghostbusters, rodney mckay, rome, royal navy, sail ships, sajv, science, sea creatures, sexual selection, sherlock holmes, singing, slash, songvids, sports night, squid, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, starsky and hutch, steampunk, stephen fry, tall ships, tea, terry pratchett, teuthology, the sarah jane adventures, torchwood, tremors the series, trumpet, vidding, wales, weird west, welsh, white collar, wild wild west, winfield scott hancock
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