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12 issue order for DC comics


I'm going to sound ungrateful and whiny for a moment, but I don't want a damn comic book. A movie, sure, another season, awesome, but not a comic book. I think much of the magic of the series will be gone: the actors and their chemistry, the quick dialogue, the narration, the music, etc. The terrific design and color will translate well, but I don't see the rest working as well.

I'm beginning to realize just how much of an auditory person I am, b/c if it's just visual and no sound, I'm just not interested. I prefer both or neither (books don't count as "visual", since it's just words on a page and the reader produces one's own visuals).

*waits for the last episode to show up online, with a bittersweet anticipation*
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Pushing Daisies officially canceled

Also, Eli Stone and Dirty, Sexy Money.

I'm so damned pissed at ABC right now. Sure, they "gave it the best chance [they] could". Bullshit, IMO. An abbreviated season b/c of the writer's strike, nearly a year until new episodes, and most recently a three-week hiatus during which they completely failed to send out an ad push for Wednesday's new ep. After all the publicity and advertising they initially did for the show, to stop now when it's in ratings trouble is just baffling. It's been a complete critical darling, so dropping the axe now...*shakes head*

I'm trying to be excited about the thought of a movie to wrap things up, because at least that would be shiny and fun, but I'm so sick of seeing failed shows do comic books. I know some of you love them but it's not a medium I've ever been able to enjoy and I don't think I could go buy any even for PD. To me, the show's magic is not only visual; it's the snappy dialogue and the utter adorableness of the actors, which IMO would be lost in a comic version. But oh well, I've having a rough morning and this news makes me cranky, so I'm not feeling very inclined to be charitable right now.

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I really, really hope this isn't true and some sort of last minute miracle is pulled off. But even if Pushing Daisies knocks the ratings out of the park on Wednesday, I'm still pessimistic enough to think it's a lost cause. I just don't understand it, considering it's had at least solid ratings not to mention more than enough critical acclaim to shake a stick at.

If it is true and episode 13 is our last, then I don't see how they're going to get any kind of closure on the show in such a short time. Not with all the new threads just introduced - Ned's half-brothers, Ned's father, Chuck knowing about Lily, Emerson's mother and his lost daughter and now his relationship with Simone, the possibility of Olive getting together with Alfredo, etc.

*sigh* Off to be depressed now.
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So, everyone watched Pushing Daisies tonight, right?

Cut for spoilers )


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