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Four days until mother gets here.

Three full days to write at least a rough draft of this damn lit review so I can send it to my supervisor for critique in time to get it back and have a few days to tweak any rough patches after mum's gone.

I have less than 1,000 words so far. We've been given a usual range of 5,000-10,000, and I have a feeling it's going to be closer to 10,000. SO far to go.

However, I have read over 100 journal articles, ended up ordering one book I couldn't get anywhere else, and have (mostly) narrowed it down to the 50 or so references that are acceptable for this sort of review. I have a rough outline in my head about how I'm going to procede. I know this stuff. I just have to write it down.

Argh. This is going to be a hellish three days. Fannish activity will likely cease (except the occasional pornish distraction to help me cope), so catch you guys on the flip side.

GIP b/c it's so damn funny. Thanks to [ profile] iconzicons.
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I hate benthic community structure.

I hate common scoters.

I hate PRIMER software.

I really really hate assignments where the statistical analysis methods are the most important feature of the report, while the reason for actually writing the report is hugely vague. Once again, I feel a bit at a disadvantage b/c the lecturers assume everyone knows about certain resources (Admiralty charts, for one) when in truth most of us who are international students are all going "Huh? What are those and where do I get them? Then what do I do with them?". Thanks to a classmate I have bearings for where we took the grabs (which somehow seemed to be emailed to everyone but me???), but I'm not sure what to do with those, either.

I have until Tuesday to finish this, sure, but I'd like to be able to enjoy my weekend. I just wish it weren't such a vague, nebulous assignment. You can tell this module is very geared toward the Marine Environmental Protection students, and none of us Marine Biology people are enjoying it very much.

*sighs and goes back to writing, hoping it's not shite*

At least there will be new SG-1 and BSG tonight.
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Whoa, I know I said I intended to sleep all day, but I didn't think I'd actually do it. Heh. Can't remember the last time I had 10 hours of sleep all together.

Fanart rec: I absolutely must link all of you to [ profile] cimmerianwillow's latest portrait - Hephaistion, the Jared Leto version. Stunning, that's really the best adjective for it.

Am watching Sci-Fi Friday, amongst a million other distractions; will post thoughts tomorrow when I can rewatch and gather my thoughts. Thus far, squee!

In other good news, my loan FINALLY went through today, so I'll be able to send off the visa application within the week. I'm now $18,500 in debt, but hey, still good news. The only big thing left is housing, but I've been told most emphatically by the Student Housing Office at UWB not to sign anything or agree to any deals before I get there and see the places in question. They'll help me find something and won't let me end up homeless or anything, but still, it's unnerving not to have it all settled yet.
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Happy 4th to all who celebrate it! Myself, I'm marking the occasion by overdosing on the 1st season of Due South, which I couldn't resist buying as it was available for the amazingly low price of $22 at Best Buy. I'm having a hard time resisting going back for the 2nd season - only $17, geez.

Even after the umpteenth viewing, I still want to smack Benny in the head for his behavior in the Victoria arc.

To rapidly change the subject, any of you ever filled out a visa application? There are some things on here where I just don't know what to put down. Most especially the bit about how much funds are available for one's trip to the country. They want specific amounts and forms of currency. Now, does this include what my tuition will be, or only my living and travel expenses? My loan hasn't been finalized yet, so should I wait until it does? I'm not sure just how much will be in my bank account by September, but should I try and make an educated guess and put down that amount?

They also seem to want official copies of things like my college diplomas. I'm certainly not sending them the originals, so how would I go about getting an "official" copy?

This is just frustrating. Argh.


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