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As to the quality of the iTunes file, I'd say it's passable though certainly not as good as the DVD will be. The film was shot entirely in HD, so the DVD should be amazing picture quality and well worth the $20. However, considering how limited iTunes files are (can only be played through iTunes or Quicktime, can't be burned to DVD, etc), I don't think the file is worth the $14.99 price tag unless one simply cannot wait to see the movie. I was unable to go to any of the screenings, so to me it was worth it to avoid the wait until September. However, I'd love to see some feedback from those who bought the Unbox file from Amazon, to compare quality and limitations of the files.

I've taken what screencaps I can, though I doubt I'll be posting these around to too many places. As the iTunes movie player doesn't have a capture feature, all of these are print screen captures pasted into Photoshop, and the quality isn't terribly good all of the time due to the finicky pause button on the player. You can find the caps at my Photobucket account, free for the snagging or icon-making or whatever.

Part one of the review found here. My previous reviews of David's movies are all listed here in my memories.
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Haven't done a David Hewlett movie review in a while, so it's nice to be adding to the list again. Major spoilers and pics under the cut, so don't click if you want to watch the movie and be surprised. Trust me, going into it blind is much more fun.

I'll be splitting this into two posts just b/c of the picture load.

Spoilery review for A Dog's Breakfast )

Part two found here.
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Amazon Unbox has A Dog's Breakfast up for download again, for $14.99. Large files, but you have to download the Unbox software unless you get the TiVo option.

iTunes also has it for $14.99, which I'm downloading now. For some reason the movie doesn't want to come up on any searches, but if you watch the main movie page long enough, there's an add for it that pops up at the top righthand corner of the screen that will take you to the summary page. The file is 698 MB, and is supposed to be really good quality from what I've seen of the reviews. Will let you know once I've finished my download and watched the thing. *bounces in anticipation*
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If you haven't heard already, there's a clip of David Hewlett and Paul McGillion's new movie, A Dog's Breakfast, up at YouTube.

I can tell I'm going to like this movie.
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Yup, still dead of stats. So far this week I have counted, collected, and poked at the "naughty bits" (as the professor calls them) of far too many barnacles, have tromped through mud and seaweed to do so, and have collected the seaweeds themselves in order to (and this is the really exciting bit) watch them dry.

10 hour days in the lab and the field just for watching seaweed dry and looking at barnacle penises under a microscope. Now that's what I call biology.

Yesterday, though, was made the best day in the week b/c I came home to a lovely package from [ profile] writerlibrarian containing some beautiful postcards from Canada, the eps of 'lantis and BSG that I missed, and some knitted goodies. Chantal, it's the most gorgeous scarf I've ever seen. I'm so amazed at your talent, and I love it and the guantlets to bits. *hugs the stuffing out of you*

Off to look at more seaweed. In the meantime, why don't you all go look at David Hewlett making out with his inflatable Dalek. Most adorable geek in the world, and I'll fight anyone for him ;P


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