Jun. 14th, 2006


Jun. 14th, 2006 10:55 pm
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GIP b/c I love me some Eberts and this line is too good to go un-iconed. These are basic needs, people.

Why yes, I've been watching S2 IMan again lately. You should, too. Go and love teh Eberts!


Jun. 14th, 2006 11:55 pm
castalia: (Darien & The Stupid Helmet)
It's nearly midnight here. About ten minutes ago the doorbell rang, and we were certainly not expecting anyone. Christina didn't wake up and I'm sure as hell not answering the door this late. So I ignore it, figuring if it's the cops they'll announce themselves and ring again and if it's anyone else important they'll have our number and call first.

About five minutes later I hear a key being used on the door. Deduction? For some reason new roommate decides to ring the doorbell at a time when he knows Christina will be asleep and I will be, if not asleep, then at least getting ready to be so. Even though he has his key. What, was he too lazy to search for it? We thought he was in London, as he mentioned going there in passing and we haven't seen him for the past two days, so it's not like he was the first person to spring to mind when I thought about who it might be.

*refrains from ranting about well-off kids raised by nannies who don't know how to do things for themselves or know what common courtesy is in a household*

Another GIP, b/c Darien says new roomie (who needs a nickname, hm...) must wear the Stupid Helmet as punishment.


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