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I never can seem to get my recs together in a timely manner, but since I'm tired of sitting on this post I'm going to make it anyway and just use this for my own future reference. So, feel free to skip.

Anyway, yes, Yuletide! I was glad that this year there seemed to be more things I wanted to read, though the continued popularity of so many fandoms like RPF, comics and stuff I don't read, and all the music videos/songs/commercials/etc means I don't read as many as I used to. I still don't get how some of those last things count as a damn fandom, I really don't.

But anyway, here are some stories I enjoyed. )
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Yuletide recs by fandom as I read them. Oh, I will be reading for a week!

A-B )

And because I couldn't wait, Merlin recs )
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Continuing from where I left off...

Yuletide L-Z )

A superb year once again. Every year I'm astounded all over again by the quality of the stories for Yuletide, and this year is no exception. Wonderful job, everyone. Looking foward to the big author reveal.

ETA: [ profile] lauraspeak, your Christmas card was just dropped through the letterbox. Thanks so much!
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I'm back, home again after spending Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and part of this morning with [ profile] flamange and her mother, who were extremely generous in sharing their home, their company, and most importantly their Christmas dinner with me. I enjoyed myself very much indeed. New friends for the holidays, the best Christmas goose I've ever had, and plenty of time to sleep in and laze around chatting and watching old movies (among them being Harvey, True Grit, The Philadelphia Story, That's Entertainment!, The Life Aquatic, and Under the Greenwood Tree - nice mix, eh?). There was also Dr Who, for which I have discovered a mad, mad love. Ten is shiny and wanted to be ginger and for that alone I would love him. <3 <3 <3 <3

Took me about 8 hours to make it home by bus, mostly b/c I had to switch buses twice, and b/c they always take the long way round. Still, it's cheaper than the train, and it gave me the chance to see a few more towns, such as Chester, Rhyl and Llandudno.

Of course, now that I'm home I've immediately hopped online to devour more [ profile] yuletide stories. A whopping 456 stories this year, too. I think of that essay I should be writing, and all the other reading I should be doing, and yet those responsibilities are so easily squashed by the prospect of so many stories. I'm reduced to a gibbering "omg, gimme!" status.

Here are some preliminary recs of stories I've read and loved so far...cut for length )


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