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[ profile] beccatoria has done another marvelous Once Upon a Time vid, again to a Symphony of Science song. I love these more than I can say.

Bite of the Great White

Regina is indeed a fantastic shark.
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Quantum Theory by [ profile] beccatoria for Once Upon a Time

If you like either OUaT or Symphony of Science, check out this vid! It's a terrific look at the show and how its two worlds are connected. Such a great thing to see pop up on my flist while I'm waiting for the new ep.
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This being the tail end of VividCon weekend means the uploads have already begun. Yay! More vids to devour =)

[ profile] barkley is the first to post her vids, all found here.

Boulevard of Broken Songs, by [ profile] barkley and [ profile] destina is a mash-up vid for SG-1, Firefly, Farscape, and Supernatural. Terrific editing, layers upon layers of meaning, and a really fun song. Awesome work.

Canadian Actor Bingo, by [ profile] barkley, [ profile] elishavah, [ profile] thepouncer, and [ profile] widget285 is just what it sounds like. Hugely multi-fandom, basically a whirlwind of multiple roles of well known Canadian actors - at least, well known to fans of genre shows filmed in Vancouver. So much fun.

More recs as more vids are posted.
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Time for another vid rec post, as there have been some brilliant ones lately. Some of these I've already posted as insta-recs, but I've included them again in case you've missed them, b/c they're just that good.

Cut for length - tons of vids here )

Whew. That took forever. And I should seriously be working on other things, but this has been a WIP for too long and it feels good to get it posted finally. Enjoy.


Aug. 26th, 2005 07:42 am
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Just got home from job #2, last night having been my last day at job #1. I'm tired, sore, and I think I've killed my back after a night of palletizing what, if the computers were right, was something like 2,000 boxes, yet this is the best day ever b/c I'm free from that place for good. I don't have to be at job #2 until midnight tonight, so I'm going to sleep the entire day if I feel like it, just for the novelty of it all. Ha.

The only bummer on my mood is this news that there will be no DVD sets available from VividCon this year. *sighs* It's really quite disappointing, b/c although a great many of these vids will be available online for download, some of them aren't, and even having a nice, clear video file to watch on the computer just isn't the same as being able to pop in the DVD and watch the vids on a much larger TV screen with better sound. I hope I can afford to make some of these cons eventually, b/c these days it seems that unless you actually go you end up missing out on a lot of stuff, no matter how many vids you download and discuss online.

And just for kicks, that 2-Variable Intuition Test )

*leaves the computer DLing more vids and goes off to take a muscle relaxant and hit the sack*
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It's Sunday, which means the premiere show and Club Vivid are over at VividCon. Already the new vids are appearing on the net, so I have plenty of downloading to do.

All vid fans, head on over to [ profile] vidding and check out the banquet.
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Ok, this didn't show up correctly the first time, so here we go again...

I think this is finally ready to post. I've been wanting to compile a list of my favorite fan vids, and then I realized, there's a *lot* of them. Here are the ones still available online, by category.

Click for a loooong list of vids... )


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