Jul. 12th, 2009 11:09 am
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Had a very hard time getting to sleep Friday night, despite having work on Saturday morning. Brain would not shut up at all. Glad to see others on my flist had the same problems, b/c I felt rather silly about it, like I was giving RTD the satisfaction of having affected me so much, the bastard.

Cut just in case, very mild spoilers if any )

The general consensus is that Merlin heals all wounds. I can attest to this whole heartedly.

Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream doesn't hurt, either. Just sayin'.
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I have been so bad about updating lately. I'm way behind on TV reports, but here's a quick rundown of this weekend's trilogy of squee.

BSG 4x01 - He That Believeth in Me )

Torchwood 2x13 - Exit Wounds )

Dr Who 4x01 - Partners in Crime )
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It has snowed. In March, in Tennessee, after several weeks of temperatures venturing from the 40s up to the 70s.. I swear, our weather is the craziest thing ever. We're still getting snow flurries and short snow showers today, with supposedly more to come tomorrow.

After a busy week, I finally got a chance to watch the latest Torchwood...spoilers behind cut for ep 2x09 - Something Borrowed )
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Still making my way through the Yuletide archive. I'll have plenty to rec whenever I get round to writing up a good list.

Runaway Bride was awesome, despite the annoying flashbacks. Catherine Tate kicked so much ass and although I'm looking forward to meeting Martha, I couldn't help wishing we could keep Donna, even just for a little bit.

Torchwood I liked a bit less, mostly b/c spoilers )

This week's Robin Hood was good, too, though spoilers )

I received the first season of Rat Patrol from Heather for Christmas, so there's that to watch as well. It's such a cute series and I've fallen hard for Moffitt and all the loving gazes he shares with Troy. Other notable Christmas pressies include a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jersey (I know they're crap these days, but I'm still a fan) from my parents and the coolest book ever from Katie - The Three Little Pigs (or Y Tri Mochyn Bach) with both English and Welsh. It's a kiddie book, yes, but oh so cute. Now I have new vocab ;)

Anyone doing anything nifty for New Year's?
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Now that's more like it... )

I need a Torchwood icon. Hm.


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