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Today is an awesome morning for Gateverse news.

Officially, the third SG-1 movie is a go! No shooting dates yet, but possibly this fall.

Even better, Richard Dean Anderson has signed on to appear in both the new movie AND the premiere of SGU. Michael Shanks was already confirmed to be in the SGU premiere, along with Gary Jones. It's very fitting IMO for Jack and Daniel to see the new series off, just like they did with SGA. *happy*

Also in news from Gateworld, Amanda Tapping will appear in SGU. That just leaves Teal'c and maybe some of the SGA crew to show up.

They're also confirming that at least one character on SGU will be canonically gay, and not just in the writers' minds this time. Spoilers at the link for which one is for certain; no word yet on the other(s).

I'm kind of looking forward to SGU, I have to admit. The casting has been interesting, we'll still get to see familiar faces, and I miss having Stargate on my TV.
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Gateworld reports a third SG-1 movie will film in 2009

Amanda Tapping is the source, saying she's supposed to appear in both films, which will be shooting at roughly the same time. No official statement from MGM yet, but Gateworld estimates the movies wouldn't be out on DVD until 2010.

Still, more SG-1! This is always good news :D
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I really should write up my reactions to the last two Dr Who episodes (both awesome) and the most recent BSG (also awesome, but in an "oh, ouch" way), especially since I have the easiest subbing job in the world today and tomorrow (attendance office, whoo!), but thanks to Gateworld all my squee has been rerouted to SG1.

Teaser Trailer for Stargate: Continuum

Very short, no Daniel or Vala really, but there is JACK! And Ba'al! And old school Ha'ak vessels and space battles and shininess! And damn it, I'm going to be in Montana when this thing comes out, and will have to wait. I hate waiting.

I also still need to write up my thoughts about Ark of Truth. I fail at posting, lately.
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Am still downloading vids, but for now, here's a spoiler from Gateworld that made me go "bzuh???!"

Spoilers and link behind the cut )
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There are a myriad different posts I want to make about television, books, and other fannish things at the moment, but I'm behind on them and likely will remain so. However, here's a few brief thoughts about recent new TV eps.

SG1 10x13 - The Road Not Taken )

SG1 10x15 - Bounty )

SG1 10x16 - Bad Guys )

SG1 10x17 - Talion )

SG1 10x18 - Family Ties )

General BSG thoughts )

FMA will be getting its own long, rambling post. I finished it last week and have many, many things to say. In the meantime, I'm devouring fic and making icons. *cuddles shiny new fandom*

I'm also finally reading the Temeraire series, which I should've started long ago. I got the first one out from the library on Wednesday and thanks to a boring day of subbing managed to finish it by Thursday night. I traded it in for the other two books yesterday, and I'm about halfway through the second book now. Am definitely enjoying them, and will have more to say about that later on.
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Spoilers for SG-1 10x08 - Memento Mori )

SGA 3x08 - McKay and Mrs. Miller )

House 3x01 - Meaning and 3x02 - Cane and Able )

I've gotten so little thesis writing done today it's sad. *tries to kick own ass into gear*
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So, 200 boosted SG-1's ratings to 1.9, the highest of the season and even higher than last season's average. A 36% jump, which is damn impressive considering the summer ratings.

Looks like they jumped the gun a little, hm? Is a few episode slump something to panic about that much? This only shows what a little promotion can do for a show. They advertised for 200 like they hadn't done for the rest of the season. Of course ratings went up.

I read somewhere that MGM has already signed the actors for another season, so if that's the case, can Sci-Fi cancel like that? I mean on their own? It just seems dodgy, all this stuff between MGM, SFC, and USA. MGM is still seriously backing the show, so yeah, I'm not giving up hope. If it ended up on another network, that would be cool, too. Or maybe this is some sort of ploy by SFC to force MGM's hand and wring a deal from the mess. Get more money, etc. Salaries aside (and c'mon, only three of them have been there since the beginning, and this isn't Friends or WW where you get people wanting such high salaries per ep) so they can't be spending that much on paying them.

A year ago I might've said it was time for the show to go. But now? I love the new direction they're taking it. I love Mitchell and Vala and even Landry. I love what they're doing with Daniel's character and am so looking forward to the upcoming arc we've been hearing about. I love that I love Sam again. I love the team dynamic and the humor. I loved seeing RDA come back, fresh and not phoning it in. And I want MORE of that, please. You don't cancel a show just as it's getting so much life breathed back into it, especially not after it breaks a record and brings in the highest ratings in over a year.

I lose too many shows before their time. And before any FF fans gripe, remember Miracles? No, probably not, considering they only allowed six episodes to air before they yanked the plug. At least you guys got a movie. I'm still traumatized about Farscape. The Invisible Man. The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. There aren't many shows left on TV that I still watch and love, and just once I want to keep one while it's still doing new and fresh things, where it won't end on a cliffhanger b/c some idiot pulled the plug in a rash decision. I have House and BSG, but most of my fannish squee is coming from SG-1 these days, and I need that. Life is damn stressful enough right now without taking something away from me that's been a part of my life for going on ten years.

SG1 200!!!

Aug. 19th, 2006 09:40 am
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SG-1 10x2 - Morpheus )

My flist seems to have its hate on for this week's SGA, so I may wait to watch that one until I get home. It's 9pm on a Sunday and I'm at uni, can this get any lamer? Damn cuttles, I love them but they leave me no free time.
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SG1 9.19 - Crusade )

BSG 2.19 - Lay Down Your Burdens, part 1 )

I've been downloading Escapade vids like mad and have a huge post of vids (both from the con and from the past few months) to rec. So much quality stuff lately, hot damn.

Btw, where the hell is everyone this weekend? The internet is dead and there is so little Sci-Fi Friday commentary on my flist it's sad. Come on people, discuss! Dance for me! Do something. *pokes*
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SG-1 9.17 - The Scourge )

Next up, BSG. I see happy reactions on my flist but I've made myself avoid clicking on any cuts. Will remain unspoiled.


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