Aug. 9th, 2013 10:16 pm
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Have car back, yay! Have less money now, boo.

I have mainlined almost all of Welcome to Night Vale since yesterday and am really enjoying it. Cecil/Carlos = ♥ I really hope it's nominated for Yuletide this year.

A lot of my fannishness is based on the radio these days, tbh. Cabin Pressure, of course, which led to John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme (so much love), The Unbelievable Truth, etc. I wish we did more radio comedy in this country.

I do need some new shows, so I'll be checking out Agents of SHIELD and the new Sleepy Hollow series this fall. I may be done with Dr Who until Moffat goes away, so until Warehouse 13 comes back for its final season I won't really have much sci-fi to watch. I've been busy instead with period shows like Bomb Girls and Call the Midwife instead, and trying to watch everything Miranda Hart has been in. And of course there was Broadchurch, and I'm currently still watching The Almighty Johnsons. I've been really remiss about posting about things, possibly due to Tumblr but then I was never very good at keeping up with posts anyway. Oh well.

DragonCon is sneaking up on me this year and I am so not prepared yet. Two weeks to go!
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With Merlin ended and Once Upon a Time getting irritating this season, I've been feeling the need for a new show for quite a while.

So, I finally sat down to watch Elementary. I had a feeling I'd like it, but was wary after my experience with Sherlock.

No need. I'm in love. Progressive show is progressive, with awesome characters that it chooses to focus on over gimmicks and even over the cases. It also gives me one of the things I love about Warehouse 13 - a wonderful male/female friendship with no possibility of future romance.

Plus Clyde the turtle. Can't go wrong with that.

Sadly, most of the fandom seems to be on Tumblr, but the Elementary tag is rife with wank. Oh well.
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I don't have many Halloween viewing traditions, especially since a lot of the things we used to watch when I was a kid aren't available on DVD, but thanks to YouTube and a particularly wonderful uploader, I'm still able to watch Jeff Goldblum's version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

He's my fave version ever, and I wish they'd release it on DVD one of these days.

I just watched the first Halloween episode of The Real Ghostbusters (at least some of THOSE are out on DVD finally) and happily the second one is also available on YouTube. Ah, memories.
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Falling Skies 2x06 spoilers )

Common Law general spoilers )

Other than new Futurama, that's really all of my current fannish TV watching. Can it be Merlin time now?
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Very busy lately, kind of behind on various things. Still watching Falling Skies, but the last two eps have been spoilers )

Actually enjoying Common Law still, though I don't see how the premise will be sustained for very many seasons. It swings between annoying and rather sweet, depending on how obnoxious they want to make Travis's flirting and the general "boys' club" vibe the show tends to get. I do like the boss, the ME, and the therapist, but the new forensic type chick they added is annoying to me. Mostly I love the other couples in the therapy group and wish they'd ignore the dumb cases to spend more time with the group sessions.

As for real life, I had my parents visiting over the holiday. That went pretty well, though it's very nice to have my space back now. I'm still hoping to go visit over Christmas, as I get some time off then.

Had to call emergency maintenance last night due to a leak in my ceiling, when water spots appeared right before I was heading off to bed. A/C is the culprit, but since it was midnight by the time the maintenance guy got there, he mostly just sucked up as much water as he could with a shop vac and said he'd go back this morning to fix it properly. They seem to be on top of things here and take water (and potential mold) issues very seriously, so hopefully that'll be sorted by the time I get home today.

Kind of wish all the thunder and lightning storms would knock it off soon. I like rain, but I really don't like all the flooding we get here when it happens, so a break in that would be great.
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Still more tropical storm BS, so am inside where it's dry. Kinda ready for it to stop raining now.

Falling Skies 2x03 spoilers )

Ah well, back to listening to the rain, I guess...

New shows.

Jun. 19th, 2012 09:34 am
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Now that Once Upon a Time is in hiatus (and I still need to post thoughts on the series one of these days, as I have lots of them), I've been watching a few new things. [livejournal.com profile] shrift brought Lewis to Fannish Weekend in VA this year, and I was hooked, so I've been spending the three weeks since then devouring the series. It's quiet and often slow-paced, but in that endearing English way that doesn't bore you. It's extremely slashy at times, though much of that may be due to Laurence Fox and his adorable antics. So yes, love. Sadly, I only have two more episodes left, then it's waiting for season 7 along with everyone else.

Falling Skies came back this past weekend, giving me my cheesy, flashy sci-fi show of the summer again. Mild spoilers )

I gave Common Law a try, then got distracted after two eps, but I might give it a few more watches to see if it hooks me or not. Otherwise, not much on my fannish radar right now. I'll probably check out The Fall when it airs (they're filming now), not for the premise so much as the promise of Gillian Anderson plus Jamie Dornan as the main cast.
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Bored and getting over bronchitis, so I figured I'd finally watch this, considering half my flist seems to love it.

I must be missing something... )


May. 30th, 2010 11:46 am
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If you haven't seen the trailers for the new Hawaii 5-0 yet, watch this now!

Seriously, it looks like they're doing this right by reinventing much like BSG and Star Trek did. There's good chemistry in the cast, Grace Park kicking ass, and the slash factor is off the charts just from the preview clips. I am SO IN.
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I haven't had much fannish glee lately, so I was happy to see a few things this week that brought my squee back.

Ben Browder to star in web series, 13 6-minute episodes in a future-noir detective style. He's also been cast in a new pilot as a football coach, but I admit the description of that series doesn't really intrigue me much. I'll watch it for Browder, though.

Also, we're getting closer to the premiere of the latest Pratchett adaptation, Going Postal. I am SUPER excited about this one, as GP is one of my very favorite books in the Discworld series. There's a trailer up now:

The casting looks loads better than the last movie they did (although The Colour of Magic was already the weaker book to begin with, so I wasn't surprised it didn't translate well to the screen). Here's hoping the new Vetinari will be better. Jeremy Irons wasn't terrible, and he did look the part well enough, but the attempt at using PTerry's accent was regrettable. And as much as I like him in other things, it was high time we had a Discworld movie without David Jason cast in it.
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USA definitely gives me good buddy shows. Am hooked, want more, please.
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I've been so behind this summer when it comes to TV, as usual. There's still a bunch of stuff I'd like to try: Glee, Warehouse 13, Defying Gravity, Mad Men, Leverage, and probably more that will come to me later. I saw part of Being Human at Bling and would like to see the rest, just have to get around to it. The previews for Flash Forward intrigued me, and it has John Cho and other pretty people, so I have acquired the pilot and will check it out. I may give Eastwick and The Bridge a chance, if only for Paul Gross and Aaron Douglas, respectively. I have reservations about Stargate: Universe, but I do love my Gateverse so it'll get its chance as well.

I finally sat down the week after Dragon*Con and watched the final season of Atlantis, which I'd been putting off for one reason or another. Cut for mild spoilers )

Let's see, what else. New NCIS, of course, which I mostly liked. Still with the mild spoilers )

I also watched the pilot for Modern Family, a new ABC half-hour comedy which features a gay couple who adopt a baby together. So far the two guys, Cameron and Mitchell (and boy, did those names make me laugh for a long while), have some slightly stereotypical characteristics, but not too OTT yet. One is the uptight, clean-cut type, while the other is more swishy but mostly in actions (he's casual and a bit overweight, more laid back yet dramatic at times). One of the other families is completely white, one mixed (white male, Latina woman), so not very much minority presence yet. I may stick it out a few more episodes and see where they go with it.

Let's see, there was the season premiere of House, too. I tuned in despite not having seen most of the past two seasons or so, just eps here and there. I'm a little tired of House being such a dick, in particular to the mentally ill in this episode, b/c with as far as he went with the meanness and bad judgment, I don't think he should be a doctor at all. But then there was Andre Braugher, and I'll put up with a lot for him. And considering certain spoilers for this season, I may stick it out a little more anyway.

*sigh* Too much TV, not enough time. Well, okay, this week I've had plenty of time, just didn't feel like watching much for whatever reason. I'll get to it all eventually.
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Sci Fi Channel Changes Name

To Syfy Channel.

I shit you not.

Very telling is this paragraph:

“If you ask people their default perceptions of Sci Fi, they list space, aliens and the future,” Howe said. “That didn’t capture the full landscape of fantasy entertainment: the paranormal, the supernatural, action and adventure, superheroes” — areas of programming that have becoming increasingly important as the network has found ratings success with shows like Ghost Hunters, ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling, and Destination Truth.

Yup, they're changing their name (but only the spelling, we can't be crazy about it!) so they can feel better about incorporating reality programming and wrestling. Way to be different, guys.
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Reuters reports that Blackadder will return to television this Christmas with a a "one-off documentary" entitled "Blackadder Rides Again". It will reunite cast members Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Miranda Richardson.

New Blackadder after all these years? A rare interview with Rowan Atkinson about the show? This should be a good Christmas :D


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