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I've been so behind this summer when it comes to TV, as usual. There's still a bunch of stuff I'd like to try: Glee, Warehouse 13, Defying Gravity, Mad Men, Leverage, and probably more that will come to me later. I saw part of Being Human at Bling and would like to see the rest, just have to get around to it. The previews for Flash Forward intrigued me, and it has John Cho and other pretty people, so I have acquired the pilot and will check it out. I may give Eastwick and The Bridge a chance, if only for Paul Gross and Aaron Douglas, respectively. I have reservations about Stargate: Universe, but I do love my Gateverse so it'll get its chance as well.

I finally sat down the week after Dragon*Con and watched the final season of Atlantis, which I'd been putting off for one reason or another. Cut for mild spoilers )

Let's see, what else. New NCIS, of course, which I mostly liked. Still with the mild spoilers )

I also watched the pilot for Modern Family, a new ABC half-hour comedy which features a gay couple who adopt a baby together. So far the two guys, Cameron and Mitchell (and boy, did those names make me laugh for a long while), have some slightly stereotypical characteristics, but not too OTT yet. One is the uptight, clean-cut type, while the other is more swishy but mostly in actions (he's casual and a bit overweight, more laid back yet dramatic at times). One of the other families is completely white, one mixed (white male, Latina woman), so not very much minority presence yet. I may stick it out a few more episodes and see where they go with it.

Let's see, there was the season premiere of House, too. I tuned in despite not having seen most of the past two seasons or so, just eps here and there. I'm a little tired of House being such a dick, in particular to the mentally ill in this episode, b/c with as far as he went with the meanness and bad judgment, I don't think he should be a doctor at all. But then there was Andre Braugher, and I'll put up with a lot for him. And considering certain spoilers for this season, I may stick it out a little more anyway.

*sigh* Too much TV, not enough time. Well, okay, this week I've had plenty of time, just didn't feel like watching much for whatever reason. I'll get to it all eventually.
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Spoilers for SG-1 10x08 - Memento Mori )

SGA 3x08 - McKay and Mrs. Miller )

House 3x01 - Meaning and 3x02 - Cane and Able )

I've gotten so little thesis writing done today it's sad. *tries to kick own ass into gear*

House 2.19

Apr. 29th, 2006 09:41 pm
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House 2.19 - House vs God )
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Thoughts on House 2.17 and 2.18 behind the cut.

What, me try to avoid coursework? Naahhhh...ok, yeah )
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House 2.13 - Skin Deep )

Had a nap earlier and now I'm so going to have trouble sleeping and getting up in time tomorrow. *sigh* More respirometry, even though the Specific Dynamic Action experiments we've been running are shite and our results are even worse shite. Today was a total waste, and even our ammonia results are worthless b/c we didn't get proper instructions and so ran the tests only once instead of every hour. Damn crabs.

I need to be doing my genetics report, but I keep getting distracted by soapgate and by my lit review. The lit review is so much more interesting b/c it's my project and it's cephalopods and I enjoy that. I have over 40 papers already and I'm just getting started. So much to do before Easter. Want to get this done before the break so I can relax and have fun when my mother comes to visit.


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