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Wherein the current cast of Doctor Who sing a Christmas Carol for everyone while Arthur Darvill both sings and PLAYS THE PIANO. Pretty well! If I weren't already smitten, this would do it. Christmas Day can't come fast enough!
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That was beautiful. I didn't recognize Tony Curran at first, but he did a marvelous job. Just, wow.
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So, am finally catching up with this season of Dr Who and while I have many, many thoughts that I may have to expand upon later, after watching 5x07 - Amy's Choice...Cut for spoilers )


Apr. 29th, 2010 03:19 pm
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Knit Picks has just released new colorways of their self-striping sock yarn.

They've got one in Doctor Who scarf colors, called "Time Traveler".

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Well, that was a hot mess.

No spoilers, really, that's all I got.

*waits for part two, cringing a little*
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Spoilers, obviously )

Now for the new Red Dwarf. Today is like a TV Easter basket, woohoo!
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Found a place to rent for cheap, nice older lady who's a friend of a friend of my mother. It won't be a party, but it's close to work and only $150/month. There is internet, so I can cope.

But in better news, pics from the filming of the Dr Who 2009 special are out there. HUGE casting spoilers there and also here.

*squees and flails happily*
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Like I'm sure everyone has already heard, the BBC announced the casting of the 11th Doctor Who today.

Cut just in case )
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Sadly, the Doctor Who video has already been yanked from YouTube (Edit: No, it's still there; I guess it was only mostly dead), but so far the Merlin one is still up.


That was actually really cute. Anthony Stewart Head totally cracks me up.
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I've watched the finale twice now, once by myself and once with friends. Still not capable of writing out a thoughtful reaction. Maybe tomorrow.

For now, [ profile] greensilver's post of happy-making picspam is helping a lot. Go look at that, if you haven't seen it.


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