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Finally sat down yesterday and watched the last ten episodes of BSG. I knew once I got going I wouldn't be able to stop, so I saved it all for a nice day off.

Spoilers, obviously... )
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Dear Flist,

I am not watching tonight's BSG finale. I have not seen the final half of this season, though I shall likely sit down once I have all the eps and watch them all in a row.

Please, please, please, for the love of the Lords of Kobol, do not spoil me. Use cut tags. I know people are going to want to use spoilery icons soon, but if necessary I will adblock all icons from LJ until I see the finale. However, please don't blurt out spoilers without putting them behind a cut. I would seriously, seriously appreciate it.


Casta, the very behind BSG fan
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I have been so bad about updating lately. I'm way behind on TV reports, but here's a quick rundown of this weekend's trilogy of squee.

BSG 4x01 - He That Believeth in Me )

Torchwood 2x13 - Exit Wounds )

Dr Who 4x01 - Partners in Crime )
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There are a myriad different posts I want to make about television, books, and other fannish things at the moment, but I'm behind on them and likely will remain so. However, here's a few brief thoughts about recent new TV eps.

SG1 10x13 - The Road Not Taken )

SG1 10x15 - Bounty )

SG1 10x16 - Bad Guys )

SG1 10x17 - Talion )

SG1 10x18 - Family Ties )

General BSG thoughts )

FMA will be getting its own long, rambling post. I finished it last week and have many, many things to say. In the meantime, I'm devouring fic and making icons. *cuddles shiny new fandom*

I'm also finally reading the Temeraire series, which I should've started long ago. I got the first one out from the library on Wednesday and thanks to a boring day of subbing managed to finish it by Thursday night. I traded it in for the other two books yesterday, and I'm about halfway through the second book now. Am definitely enjoying them, and will have more to say about that later on.
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Trying to get some actual work done on the thesis today, so I'll keep this brief until later.

This week's fannish viewing:

Robin Hood, the new BBC version - kinda sucked. I was expecting more from this and was heartily disappointed. Bad production values, clunky acting, overall just disappointing and I nearly switched it off. I might tune in for the next part to see what they do with Little John and all that lot, but so far I'm not wowed by it like all the hype suggested I'd be.

BSG season premiere - MUCH more satisfying. Complex, interesting, and some damn fine acting going on. I could write an entire essay about this, but I should be writing other things just now. Suffice it to say I'm pleased and can't wait for the rest of the season.

In other fannish news, I have hooked Ruben, Finn, and Kate on Miracles. I showed them the pilot and they were gone, instantly. After I mentioned the weirdness with the shooting schedule, and how Fox aired the episodes totally out of order, they insisted on watching them as they were meant to be originally, so that's been an interesting was to rewatch the show. We've only got Saint Debbie and Paul is Dead left to watch, sadly, but I can't wait to see their reactions when we finish the run. Always nice to suck in new converts.
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SG1 9.19 - Crusade )

BSG 2.19 - Lay Down Your Burdens, part 1 )

I've been downloading Escapade vids like mad and have a huge post of vids (both from the con and from the past few months) to rec. So much quality stuff lately, hot damn.

Btw, where the hell is everyone this weekend? The internet is dead and there is so little Sci-Fi Friday commentary on my flist it's sad. Come on people, discuss! Dance for me! Do something. *pokes*
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SG-1 9.16 - Off the Grid )

BSG 2.15 - Scar )

BSG 2.16 - Sacrifice )
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SG-1 9.13 - The Ripple Effect )

Atlantis 2.13 - Critical Mass (only briefly) )

Still waiting on the BSG download. Concerning last week's ep, spoilers for Resurrection Ship part II )

Whee, my BSG 213 download just finished. *off to watch it*
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I should be packing, but taking three hours out for Sci-Fi Friday won't hurt.

SG-1 9.09 - Prototype )

SG-1 9.10 - The Fourth Horseman )

BSG 9.9 - Flight of the Phoenix )

I won't be home to tape next week's eps, obviously, so I suppose it's downloads from here on out. Hopefully I'll be settled in more permanent accomodations by then.
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SG-1 9.06 - Beachhead )

SG:A 2.06 - Trinity )

BSG 2.06 - Home )

All in all, a pretty solid group of episodes. *goes off to check flist and see what everyone else thought about them*
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Mm, a controversial week, this. I actually read others' reviews this time before posting my own, and the diversity of opinions is interesting.

SG-1 9.05 - The Powers that Be )

SG:A 2.05 - Condemned )

BSG 2.05 - The Farm )


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