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Still have not watched the last of the BSG episodes. Maybe soon. Just too distracted by the new job right now and trying to learn things. There's a chance I'll have to do a pre-K program by myself next week, plus Behind-the-Scenes tours and penguin shows. So, lots to read up on.

In the meantime, I'm trying to watch all of last week's TV that I missed.

Chuck - spoilers for recent eps )

Kings )

BBC Robin Hood - spoilers for season 3 so far )


So, dear flist, what are you watching? What's new that I should put on my list of things to try?
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Still making my way through the Yuletide archive. I'll have plenty to rec whenever I get round to writing up a good list.

Runaway Bride was awesome, despite the annoying flashbacks. Catherine Tate kicked so much ass and although I'm looking forward to meeting Martha, I couldn't help wishing we could keep Donna, even just for a little bit.

Torchwood I liked a bit less, mostly b/c spoilers )

This week's Robin Hood was good, too, though spoilers )

I received the first season of Rat Patrol from Heather for Christmas, so there's that to watch as well. It's such a cute series and I've fallen hard for Moffitt and all the loving gazes he shares with Troy. Other notable Christmas pressies include a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jersey (I know they're crap these days, but I'm still a fan) from my parents and the coolest book ever from Katie - The Three Little Pigs (or Y Tri Mochyn Bach) with both English and Welsh. It's a kiddie book, yes, but oh so cute. Now I have new vocab ;)

Anyone doing anything nifty for New Year's?


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