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As to the quality of the iTunes file, I'd say it's passable though certainly not as good as the DVD will be. The film was shot entirely in HD, so the DVD should be amazing picture quality and well worth the $20. However, considering how limited iTunes files are (can only be played through iTunes or Quicktime, can't be burned to DVD, etc), I don't think the file is worth the $14.99 price tag unless one simply cannot wait to see the movie. I was unable to go to any of the screenings, so to me it was worth it to avoid the wait until September. However, I'd love to see some feedback from those who bought the Unbox file from Amazon, to compare quality and limitations of the files.

I've taken what screencaps I can, though I doubt I'll be posting these around to too many places. As the iTunes movie player doesn't have a capture feature, all of these are print screen captures pasted into Photoshop, and the quality isn't terribly good all of the time due to the finicky pause button on the player. You can find the caps at my Photobucket account, free for the snagging or icon-making or whatever.

Part one of the review found here. My previous reviews of David's movies are all listed here in my memories.
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Haven't done a David Hewlett movie review in a while, so it's nice to be adding to the list again. Major spoilers and pics under the cut, so don't click if you want to watch the movie and be surprised. Trust me, going into it blind is much more fun.

I'll be splitting this into two posts just b/c of the picture load.

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Part two found here.
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Oh yeah, highlight of our trip to the cinema? Tom got into Finn's fancy dress party warddrobe stock and dressed as a pirate for the night - he's the type who can really pull it off, and he makes a habit of dressing up for movies. It got us special treatment at Pizza Hut, which was helpful. Then right before the movie there was this long pause of silence in the theatre so Tom waited until just the right moment to let a nice loud "arrrrr!" which cracked up the entire audience (it was a full house). Just perfect timing.

Obviously missed Dr Who tonight in favor of Pirates, so will watch tomorrow. Am remaining unspoiled, so flist is off-limits. Am also still sick, so really must go to bed now. I get a lie-in tomorrow!
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Got my copy of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" in the mail yesterday! 40 sketches in which Stephen and Hugh are witty, sexy, and very very funny. These two have great chemistry in whatever they do, and I just adore them. They look so young, too! (the sketches were done in '87, '89 and '90). Plus, Hugh sings! And plays the piano and the mouth organ! *happy sigh*

In watching this tape, I've noticed a trend in their work. Stephen hits Hugh a lot, but I've never seen Hugh hit Stephen. They do this in ABoF&L and in Blackadder (in the last ep of the third series, there's a scene where both Stephen and Rowan punch, slap and kick Hugh about 20 times, poor lamb). In an internet chat, Stephen even mentioned how good Hugh is at being hit (the skill is all in the reaction of the person getting hit, not the one doing the hitting). I find this terribly amusing.

Hugh is also good at falling. In one sketch, he "accidently" falls backwards off a chair, and it looked so real one could almost believe it wasn't planned (in the same chat above, though, Stephen said it was indeed planned). That's hard to do.

[ profile] sensefille and [ profile] viola_cesario, I'll be making you copies as soon as I get your tapes. I think you'll enjoy these sketches! :)

In other news, I saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen yesterday. I'm of mixed feelings about it, and in some cases I'm not really sure how I feel at all. Spoilers behind the cut-tag.

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Due to all my adventures yesterday, I'm terribly behind on LJ, so I'm off to tackle my friends list and try to catch up. Toodle-pip!


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