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This is the best thing I've seen all week.

Air New Zealand's new safety video, Hobbit-style. Peter Jackson shows up, as does Dean O'Gorman (there may be others, but I didn't recognize them).

Didn't know I needed to see the Witch-King of Angmar grumping because he had to turn his smartphone off during the flight, but obviously I did. ♥
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I am going to try my best to ignore the awfulness of the new comment system and the fact that many of the features I use daily are now gone (though forcing my own style in S2 gets them back for the most part, for now anyway).

Instead, I'm going to squee over the new Hobbit trailer, despite having to wait another whole year for the movie. It looks wonderful! I'm so pleased for Dean O'Gorman, too, though tbh not all of the LOTR actors went on to get huge careers after the movies, so it might not be the big boost for him that we'd like, but still. Very cool.

Man, what happened to all my LOTR icons...I need to rotate those back in again.
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Has anyone else seen the trailer to a fan-made film called "The Hunt for Gollum" that's supposed to be a sort of "missing scene" for LOTR?

According to an article at the BBC, it was filmed in North Wales (gorgeous choice, IMO) and other areas of the UK on a budget of only 3,000 pounds. And it looks way more impressive than most fan films I've seen. They've got the look of the trilogy, for sure.

It's supposed to be available online this month, presumably for free since they were told by New Line that they had to be non-profit. I'm looking forward to it. They hired real, trained actors, and it looks like it'll be good. Interesting, at least.

ETA: The movie is actually up already! Watch it here
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Some of you may have heard about the new, complete recordings CD collection just released last month for Fellowship of the Ring. For fans of Howard Shore's LOTR score, it's a dream come true - the entire score for the first movie, along with an annotated score (you can download the PDF version from the site) that outlines the varies motives used throughout the movie, instruments, vocal performers, everything.

Alas, the coolness of this item is reduced only by its ridiculous price tag. Listed at $60, Amazon is offering it for just under $50. Considering the DVDs of the movies themselves cost way less than this, I'm not sure how they're justifying the price of this set. Especially as I'm sure the complete scores for TTT and ROTK will cost about the same, making that a $150 investment (not counting the previous soundtracks most of us already purchased).

That doesn't stop me from wanting it, of course. But it's not realistic right now.

I've been fascinated with Shore's LOTR score since the first soundtrack came out and everyone started analyzing it and discussing the amazing complexity of his leit motif style. For lyrics, one site is particularly invaluable, Tolkien's Languages in the LOTR Soundtrack, which has the lyrics to almost all the choral pieces in all three movies along with translations. Many of these have been confirmed by David Salo himself, the Tolkien linguist who translated all the Middle Earth languages for the films, and various other linguistic experts.

For a deeper look at the leit motif with all its themes and rhythmic styles, A Magpie's Nest: LOTR Soundtrack Analysis is the best place to go. Contains probably the most extensive listing of motives I've seen for this score, along with where in the movie they're used. Nicely organized.

The movie score geek in me geekgasms every time I read about this stuff. I LOVE how much structure and complexity Shore put into this music. The sheer scope of it all is something I doubt we'll see in a movie score for a long time, possibly ever.


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