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For the past few years I've managed remarkable restraint in the dealer rooms at Dragon*Con, mostly because I like making my own costumes/accessories/props, rarely find t-shirts I like, and have limited horizontal space in which to display other things. However, I have plenty of wall space, so I usually come home with something from the art show.

This year I went a little overboard, but I absolutely adore the things I bought.

Pics of art haul behind the cut )
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Been very lax about things today - slept in and actually haven't been to a single panel. Did hit the dealer rooms, though, and there's the Friday night costume contest later, of course. Some friends are actually competing this year, so yay!

Tomorrow looks much busier, so I may do more stuff then. Mostly want to see the LOTR and Warehouse 13 guests and Gillian Anderson.

Some good costumes so far - I saw a great Snow White and Prince Charming (Once Upon a Time versions) earlier. Just hoping my phone takes decent indoor pics this time. I really need a new camera.
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All settled at con, doing the annual "peruse the schedule and decide on panels" with my besties. Margaritas have been had, so things are amusing (though no alcohol was needed for the general conversation to hit NSFW status earlier - best fanfriends ever).

I got inside the Sheraton and back out with my badge in under five minutes this year. Holy shit, still can't believe it.

This is so my Happiest Place On Earth, no lie. *hugs the whole con, even the gamers*
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Home from con.

Already have next year's membership.

Also have next year's hotel rooms reserved. This is getting crazy, I swear.

Pics soon!
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From the Director of On-site Pre-reg:

"We are developing a bar code system for 2011's show. This of course means you MUST remember your post cards and if they are emailed to you, the print out with this individual bar code. If not, you will be in the main line only to be moved to the solutions line to be looked up and printed out. As it stands the plan is to have printers and scanners at each kiosk and NO MORE ALPHABET LINES. You will be in the main line and when you get to the front, you will move to the next available open kiosk to be scanned and handed your badge. This should greatly speed things up for everyone."

OMGYAY! Finally!
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Con was had. Major, exhausting fun was had. Home now and missing everyone already.

More later when I've had sleep. Thank God I have tomorrow off!
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Okay, now that the Dragon*Con store is back up, I'm kind of annoyed.

On the Monday of the con this year I went over to the Sheraton to buy next year's membership. Was told that even though the con booklet advertised registration open until 5, some brilliant person had scheduled the computers to be picked up at 2, so they closed way early. Okay, annoying, but the store in the Marriott was still open, so I headed there. Only to find a huge line. We were told that the $50 price would be good online until October 1st, so not to worry if we didn't have time to stay in line. By that time, I'd gotten a call that one of our group was leaving so I left the line to say goodbye and do other things instead.

Evidently the staff at the store were either lying or completely misinformed.

Online price is $60, good until Nov. 13th. Am not happy about that. Might be only 10 bucks, but if I'd known the price would go up, I'd have gone back to get in line that Monday.

Have sent the D*C store people an email, but haven't heard back. That was a week or so ago, so I'm not holding my breath on it.

Aw, man!

Sep. 20th, 2009 01:35 pm
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Evidently Guinness World Records awarded Mexico the Thriller record. The Dragon*Con Thriller people are appealing, b/c basically Guinness disregarded their own strangely strict rules for the record. The ones William and Mary abided by and the D*C team went to such lengths to make sure they followed as well.

Kinda makes the world record thing seem less impressive, if the GWR people don't even follow their own set guidelines.
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Still waiting for the official video to be posted (possibly at this website, but so far there's a great one up here of the full dance that really pans the room a lot and shows the variety of costumes. [ profile] delle, you're in there quite a lot! You guys look like you're having so much fun.

There's also one of the practice up on YouTube, which showcases a guy in an Alien costume totally kicking ass at the dance. A few glimpses of [ profile] delle in there, too.

If I had any rhythm at all, I would've done this, but I know I would've fallen down a lot. Good job, all you dance-inclined fans!

If you didn't know, there's actually a Guinness World Record for number of people in one venue dancing to the full radio (or is it album? I forget) version of "Thriller" using a certain choreography of moves from the Thriller video. Current record is the College of William and Mary with 242 people. If the D*C attempt is accepted, it'll blow them out of the water with 903. Awesome!
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Home from con. Very sleepy. Missing everyone already. *sigh*

On the positive side, I splurged a little and got Ben Browder's autograph, was able to thank him for portraying such intelligent unabashedly Southern characters, and shook his hand. No one else in the whole world is so pretty and such a class act. No one.

Shared elevators with Colin Cunningham (twice) and Alessandro Juliani. Nice guys, good sports about being squished in the tiny elevators.

Talked to Gareth David-Lloyd, John Schneider, and Luciana Carro at the Walk of Fame. All very personable and hot.

First costuming efforts were a success. More on this later.

Sadly, I forgot my camera and had to make do with a last-minute-purchased disposable digital camera. I'll have to point you to others' pictures, most likely.

Stupid Shatner song still in my head. Damn you all.
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Argh, after 1 AM and I'm not finished packing yet. The trouble with the now-done accessories is how to pack them without squishing them. Hrm.

*really, really hopes we get upgraded to suites again this year*
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Argh. I hate buttonholes. And although I like many things about the old sewing machine of my mother's I'm using, I hate its antiquated buttonhole "function". Or should I say "functions", as you have to do them in stages. Hate.

Other than that, happy with D*C costume progress. Buttonholes and maybe a jabot to finish, then on to the last of the accessories.
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Steampunk outfit tally:

1) Jacket and corselet completed.
2) Split-skirt completed except for button holes and hemming.
3) Boots long since acquired.
4) Ray gun if I want to carry it.
5) Still deciding on the hat, but as time is short it's not a priority right now.
6) Would like to work on a sort of utility belt or specimen backpack for a Victorian Naturalist character type, but will need fabric and time. Will get to this after the blouse.
7) Mock-up of blouse completed, bought fabric last night and am getting started today. Am not going to bother with sleeves just for time and temperature's sake, so this won't take long.
8) ???
9) Profit!

BSG off-duty outfit:

1) BDU pants acquired.
2) Already own tank tops that may work, though if I had time I'd get a closer fabric for the charcoal grey one and make it to more closely resemble the strange shape of the ones on the show.
3) [ profile] delle, what are you doing for boots? I only have brown ones, though some are old so I suppose I could see about dyeing them or using black polish or whatever. BSG costuming guides online all point to these boots as a close match to canon, and I can get them in my size for only $20, but once I add shipping it'll be closer to $30 and I'm not sure I want to spend the money for boots I may not wear but once a year at the most. Will have to decide.
4) BDU shirt? [ profile] delle, are you gonna wear the long-sleeved shirt? I like the idea b/c I get cold in panels, but so far I haven't found an affordable shirt to match.
5) Dog tags. Hm. Could order some but it's another expense. If I have time, maybe I could make a cheap imitation.

How did I get talked into this again?
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I am making good progress on a steampunk costume for Dragon*Con, though I may or may not be able to incorporate the ray gun I made earlier this year. The more I think about it, the more I want to go with a sort of Victorian naturalist character, as I could play with specimen cases and jars and all sorts of little accessories to dangle on my person.

I am currently busy on an Eton Jacket, which I plan to wear over a blouse and a boned corselet I've already completed, made out of a faux tooled leather jacquard. These will be worn with the short version of this split skirt, without all that fringe of course. And boots.

Where I fall down idea-wise is the hat. I'd like to have a hat, b/c I like hats and they make outfits seem more finished somehow. The options I'm considering are 1) Make a hat, and 2) Buy a cowboy hat and call it a day.

For option 1, I've found a cool site that offers Victorian hat patterns and kits, complete with everything one needs to make a buckram frame and the instructions to cover it with the fabric of one's choosing. You can see finished hats at this site - lots of variety and it's easy to change the style just by bending the brim. At around $35, this isn't a terribly expensive option, and I'd get the satisfaction of having a finished product I made myself. I'm considering the Audrey or the Julie, but I can't make up my mind.

As for option 2, it'd actually be a bit cheaper and obviously less work. Sierra Trading Post has a bunch of cowboy hats on sale for $20-$25 each, which isn't bad. I could get a crushable one which would pack well, this more curvy model, a pinch-front Stetson, or for a little more a Kakadu Langston slicker hat or cowhide hat. STP is forever having sales and free shipping options, so it would be pretty affordable and all I'd have to do is maybe adjust the bands or stick a feather in there, etc.

To the costumers on my flist, what say you? I'm not really going for the high society look or anything very froofy, so if I make a hat it'll likely be something that would look a little more outdoorsy and rugged anyway.

Have a poll:

[Poll #1436360]
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Just added: Gareth David Lloyd! And some other people, but that's the only one of note for me personally. Looks like we'll get some Torchwood panels after all, though I'm not sure they'd be anything but depressing.
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It had been a while since I'd looked at the guest list for this year's Dragon*Con, so while I'm bored at work I thought I'd look at it. It's definitely a good year for the Gateverse actors.

Claudia Black is listed again! Yay! Also Michael Shanks, Lexa Doig, Paul McGillion, and Jason Momoa listed so far. Still hoping for Ben Browder some day.

For BSG it's Aaron Douglas as usual, Alessandro Juliani (Gaeta), Kandyse McClure, Mary McDonnell, Edward James Olmos, and Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh).

There may be interesting oldschool!BSG wank, as Dirk Benedict will be joining Richard Hatch this year. Heh.

Dwight Schultz will also be there, so I'm going to be hopeful for an A-Team panel. That would rock :)

Definitely going to the Farscape panels again. Paul Goddard is coming this year! Plus Wayne Pygram, who I probably won't recognize out of the Scorpius makeup.
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DragonCon - Sunday and Monday )

Btw, all my DC pics can be found in this photobucket album. Everyone feel free to snag what you want, and I'm sure I'll want some of yours, too.
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I always put off writing these report things and half the time never get around to doing them at all. Let's see if I can break the habit now while I still remember what I did this past weekend. Thank God for the con schedule booklet.

Cut for length and pictures )

Sunday and Monday and general thoughts in the next post, as this is getting too long.
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My first DragonCon is over.


*single tear*

Seriously, I had a fab time (no mocking of the vocab, [ profile] shanola22, or I will make you start saying something even more mock-worthy), got to hang out with so many of my friends who I don't get to see as often as I'd like, saw TV and movie actor people for the first time in my life (as I am lame like that and had managed to live for 26.7 years without ever running into someone famous), and oohed and ahhed over all the costumes. There were panels, concerts (yay, Cr├╝xshadows!), and something to keep me occupied pretty much every minute of every day.

I'm hungry, tired, and completely sick of turkey sandwiches.

I miss everyone already.

Am so going to this next year. What fun!

Pictures, gossip, news, and other such report things soon. Once I've had sleep and food that isn't turkey sandwiches.
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Ugh, cramps. I knew this was coming, after how moody I was last week and how much every little thing pissed me off. Oh well, at least I'll get it over with before DragonCon.

Have called in sick to work for tomorrow, and will spend all day in bed knitting. I have two scarves to finish - one for me, a deep red knitted with double strands so it'll be extra warm for the winter, and a fuzzy shiny one for my mother for Christmas. Next I may attempt mittens, though this daunts me. Double-ended needles, oh my!

Is anyone on my flist other than the usual Bling suspects going to DragonCon next weekend? This will be my first time, so am curious about others' likes and dislikes about it and what they recommend. Also, would be nice to meet up with more of you crazy lot.


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