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Adventures in Dyeing Fabric

Part One: Went well, actually. The light grey fabric is now the perfect charcoal grey, just by using small amounts of the black RIT liquid dye. Am pleased.


Part Two in more depth: Using RIT color remover on dark grey fabric has turned the fabric yellow. How nice. How not at all what I wanted. I used only a little bit hoping it would simply lighten the color up a little, but oh no. Yellow. What a horrible base color to find. *sigh*

Part Three: Still to come. Will attempt to use the black liquid dye on the yellow in small hope I will get something resembling a medium grey.

I still have packing to do. Argh.
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Argh. I hate buttonholes. And although I like many things about the old sewing machine of my mother's I'm using, I hate its antiquated buttonhole "function". Or should I say "functions", as you have to do them in stages. Hate.

Other than that, happy with D*C costume progress. Buttonholes and maybe a jabot to finish, then on to the last of the accessories.
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"For ONE WEEK ONLY the Commercial Pattern Archive at the University of Rhode Island is offering free online access! Login with the username "guest" and the password "pattern".

COPA has about 48,000 vintage patterns (including the small scale pattern piece images!) dating from 1868—2000."

I'm looking now and they seem to have a wide variety, but not all of them seem to have the construction pictures available (some just aren't loading). Might be a great resource for Victorian and early 20th century costuming, but you'd have to be able to just look at the pattern pieces and know how to fit them together, I suspect. You just get schematics, not instructions.
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Steampunk outfit tally:

1) Jacket and corselet completed.
2) Split-skirt completed except for button holes and hemming.
3) Boots long since acquired.
4) Ray gun if I want to carry it.
5) Still deciding on the hat, but as time is short it's not a priority right now.
6) Would like to work on a sort of utility belt or specimen backpack for a Victorian Naturalist character type, but will need fabric and time. Will get to this after the blouse.
7) Mock-up of blouse completed, bought fabric last night and am getting started today. Am not going to bother with sleeves just for time and temperature's sake, so this won't take long.
8) ???
9) Profit!

BSG off-duty outfit:

1) BDU pants acquired.
2) Already own tank tops that may work, though if I had time I'd get a closer fabric for the charcoal grey one and make it to more closely resemble the strange shape of the ones on the show.
3) [ profile] delle, what are you doing for boots? I only have brown ones, though some are old so I suppose I could see about dyeing them or using black polish or whatever. BSG costuming guides online all point to these boots as a close match to canon, and I can get them in my size for only $20, but once I add shipping it'll be closer to $30 and I'm not sure I want to spend the money for boots I may not wear but once a year at the most. Will have to decide.
4) BDU shirt? [ profile] delle, are you gonna wear the long-sleeved shirt? I like the idea b/c I get cold in panels, but so far I haven't found an affordable shirt to match.
5) Dog tags. Hm. Could order some but it's another expense. If I have time, maybe I could make a cheap imitation.

How did I get talked into this again?


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