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This is the best thing I've seen all week.

Air New Zealand's new safety video, Hobbit-style. Peter Jackson shows up, as does Dean O'Gorman (there may be others, but I didn't recognize them).

Didn't know I needed to see the Witch-King of Angmar grumping because he had to turn his smartphone off during the flight, but obviously I did. ♥
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I don't have many Halloween viewing traditions, especially since a lot of the things we used to watch when I was a kid aren't available on DVD, but thanks to YouTube and a particularly wonderful uploader, I'm still able to watch Jeff Goldblum's version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

He's my fave version ever, and I wish they'd release it on DVD one of these days.

I just watched the first Halloween episode of The Real Ghostbusters (at least some of THOSE are out on DVD finally) and happily the second one is also available on YouTube. Ah, memories.

OUaT meta

Oct. 17th, 2012 09:47 pm
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I can't with Downton Abbey this week, so instead here are some links.

[ profile] arduinna has posted a series of awesome picspams for Once Upon a Time.

Part 1: Some utterly kickass observations on the set design in Once Upon a Time. I had noticed some of this, but certainly not all of it. The bit about Archie's office astounds me.

Part 2: A comparison of Regina and Rumple's castles, both in Fairytale World and Storybrooke.

Part 3 and Part 4: Analysis of costume/clothing choices.

Part 5: A short one on Disney references.

Part 6: Various and sundry things in the background that bring some insight into the way the curse works and give us character hints.

Seriously, I LOVE THIS SHOW.
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I should post more about this show, b/c it's where the bulk of my squee lies lately.

General spoilers for the new season as aired so far )
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Normally I dislike being stuck at my desk in the mornings, but Friday was a very good day to be so. We have a general newsgroup thing for our email system at work, where people post all manner of things (questions, for sale ads, stuff going on around town, etc), and if I'm very bored I'll check it randomly throughout the day. Luckily I did so at just the right time, as one of the ladies in Development was giving away her KitchenAid stand mixer for FREE. I saw it 4 minutes after it was posted and managed to be the first to respond, so it is now MINE. I have always wanted one for baking, so this is hugely squee-inducing.

It's definitely an older one, as it has the type of power plug I remember from things my parents had back when I was growing up (hard to describe, but kind of like the prongs are made of longer pieces of brass folded down, not like the solid prongs we have now). But that's a good thing, as the newer models have complaints of poor quality parts and more failures than the old ones. It's certainly very solid. And it runs, which is good. She insisted in needed oiling, so I'm gonna take it apart to see if it just needs new grease or if there are indeed any leaks or anything (hurrah for lots of online tutorials!). Parts are also widely available, and generally pretty cheap.

The bowl it came with looks perfect, so I'm thinking she didn't use it much. It has the standard attachment, the bread one (whee!), and a wire whisk one. I honestly can't wait to try making bread in it. I've always wanted to try, but just can't be bothered with hand kneading.

There's some slight discoloration around the head which makes me think it might've been burning some oil at one point. However, even if I do need to repair it slightly, that will be much, much cheaper than a new machine, which I could never justify buying, even on sale. Even used ones on Craigslist still tend to be over $100. So I am feeling very lucky indeed. :D
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Spoilers for Arthur's Bane, both parts )

Between Merlin, Downton Abbey, and Once Upon a Time, my weekend TV viewing is maxed out. Luckily, all of them are entertaining (though DA is very often completely infuriating) and OUaT continues to give me multiple kickass women every week. Best time of year for TV!
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I would have killed to have been part of a marching show like this. So, so cool. Seriously, some great forms there, especially the horse. The horse was amazing. Those are seriously the kinds of drill charts you dream of in marching band.

I hope we see more geeky shows like that in the future. It certainly got the crowd interested! And now I'm a bit nostalgic for high school, something that definitely doesn't happen often. Too bad I probably couldn't play my instrument worth crap now.
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[ profile] beccatoria has done another marvelous Once Upon a Time vid, again to a Symphony of Science song. I love these more than I can say.

Bite of the Great White

Regina is indeed a fantastic shark.
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For the past few years I've managed remarkable restraint in the dealer rooms at Dragon*Con, mostly because I like making my own costumes/accessories/props, rarely find t-shirts I like, and have limited horizontal space in which to display other things. However, I have plenty of wall space, so I usually come home with something from the art show.

This year I went a little overboard, but I absolutely adore the things I bought.

Pics of art haul behind the cut )
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Been very lax about things today - slept in and actually haven't been to a single panel. Did hit the dealer rooms, though, and there's the Friday night costume contest later, of course. Some friends are actually competing this year, so yay!

Tomorrow looks much busier, so I may do more stuff then. Mostly want to see the LOTR and Warehouse 13 guests and Gillian Anderson.

Some good costumes so far - I saw a great Snow White and Prince Charming (Once Upon a Time versions) earlier. Just hoping my phone takes decent indoor pics this time. I really need a new camera.
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All settled at con, doing the annual "peruse the schedule and decide on panels" with my besties. Margaritas have been had, so things are amusing (though no alcohol was needed for the general conversation to hit NSFW status earlier - best fanfriends ever).

I got inside the Sheraton and back out with my badge in under five minutes this year. Holy shit, still can't believe it.

This is so my Happiest Place On Earth, no lie. *hugs the whole con, even the gamers*
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What a lovely week. I have a sinus cold and my first potential hurricane on the horizon. Joy.

I'm going to stay in tonight, make curry, and wallow a bit, if anyone asks.

*pulls covers over head*
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So jealous of VividCon goers right now, seriously. But I love that modern technology allows the vids to go up the same weekend they're premiering these days, as well, which means I already have shiny vids to watch. Just starting to dip my toes in that pool now, but so far these two vids have blown my socks off:

Starships by [ profile] bironic - Multifandom. Spaceships. Awesomeness. Much squealing and grinning on my part while watching.

Ride to California by [ profile] bradcpu - Avengers/Thor/Captain America/Iron Man movies. Just, wow.
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Falling Skies 2x06 spoilers )

Common Law general spoilers )

Other than new Futurama, that's really all of my current fannish TV watching. Can it be Merlin time now?


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