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As promised, here are some of the chainmaille projects I've been doing lately (click for larger pics). So far I'm sticking with bracelets, as they go faster and are a good way to learn weaves without getting bored. I don't wear much jewelry but I do like wearing lightweight things like this - so far I'm using anodized aluminum rings, which come in tons of colors and are super light, light enough that I can forget I'm wearing them after a while.

To replace the ace pride bracelet I broke, I've made one of the ace flag in Helm Chain and one for the aromantic flag in Byzantine.

It took me two tries to find the right size rings to match the broken bracelet, so first I got slightly too large ones and ended up with another ace flag as practice.

It's a bit bulky for my tastes, so it may end up as a gift or something.

Several coworkers liked these, so I've made two Hufflepuff themed bracelets, one in Helm Chain that I didn't get a pic of before I gave it to the recipient, and this small Byzantine one that I'll deliver Monday.

I also just finished this one for my mother, who surprisingly really liked the look of the chainmaille and asked for something as well. She wears a lot of blue, so I went with that.

Lastly, I wanted to experiment with Mobius flowers, so I strung some in a chain using my grad school colors, just as a happy reminder of Wales.

Next I'd like to try working with some copper and niobium rings, maybe do something Ravenclaw themed. The possibilities are endless, really, so there's plenty to experiment with for a while. I haven't done any sheets of mail, yet, or anything three dimensional, so I may see if the library has any books on the subject in addition to all the online tutorials.


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