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Feb. 3rd, 2013 03:10 pm
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Okay, so I went a bought a new couch. After not finding anything in the big box stores, and way too expensive options in the local design stores, I found a company in North Carolina still making furniture here in the US for surprisingly affordable prices. They had a similar design to the crazy expensive one I liked at the local place, but for less than half the cost, and they had a Black Friday sale that let me upgrade to the fabric I wanted at no extra charge. So, I took the plunge and ordered a custom-made sofa.

It's taken a while, and I was biting my nails a lot during the wait b/c of the whole "oh shit, did I really buy that?" thing (I almost never buy anything brand new when it comes to furnishings), but it was just delivered on Friday and I think I love it. It's comfortable, low to the ground so my feet can touch the floor when I sit on it, and the color is exactly what I wanted and looks FAB with the red accents I already have in the room. The plan is to slowly create a funky steampunk vibe in my living room but with some modern accents as well to keep it from getting too crazy.

Yes, that's teal velvet. With brass nail trim. ♥ Just enough tufting to make me happy, but with a more modern profile to it. It's going to be perfect to curl up in the corner of it with a book, and the smaller size makes it not too overwhelming in an apartment space. Even my mother, who was VERY skeptical of my choice when I showed her the company's specs on it (they only showed it in a caramel-yellow leather or a hair-on-hide thing, so she made a face), ended up liking it, though I realize it might be something people either love or hate. Still, I'm happy to have taken a chance on it and to finally have a grown-up sofa instead of a cheap futon. And right now it's one of a kind, which is kind of cool.

I'm very close to finishing my chair in upholstery class (post on that to come soon), so I may for once have a nice room with places for people to sit if they come over. Might be a good excuse to actually start inviting people over for a change.


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