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THE FRUSTRATION, OMG. This was a hugely tense hour of TV for me, and I think I both loved and hated it.

I don't know what to think about the Triple Goddess and all that stuff. We've never heard of them before, and now suddenly these Disir trump all the high priestesses? Okay. I'm a bit annoyed at the writers' continued problem with feminine examples of magic. Just about every female magic user so far has been either evil or portrayed as "bad" in some way. As much as I love the show, it's still so Boys Own Adventure sometimes.

Arthur seemed a bit OOC at first to me, ignoring the dangers of sorcery and acting so dismissive, and once again ignoring Merlin's advice because we can't seem to have consistency on that from one week to the next, ever. He was pretty damn stupid to just hold out his hand and take something from a known sorcerer (seriously, does that ever end well for you?), but whatever, I forgave him instantly once he started fretting over Merlin and his lack of smiling, because I'm a sucker like that. It was all rather adorable, and although I know Merlin has so many reasons to be wary of Mordred, he's also so obviously jealous of the fact that Arthur dotes on him so much.

Sadly, Gwen didn't get much to do this week, though it looks like next week is her turn to be tormented. I like that she can support Arthur and that he listens to her, but she deserves more.

As far as the plot goes, honestly I was kind of Team Nobody in that cave. On the one hand, Arthur was regressing, forgetting all his experience with magic and how being disrespectful can bite him in the ass. On the other, the Disir were accusing Arthur of things I don't feel he's done. While he hasn't made it completely safe for those with magic, he does take them as they come and we've seen him be merciful and just. Demanding he embrace the old religion, basically to convert, is a bit unreasonable. Painting it as such an all-or-nothing choice was cheap manipulation of the viewer.

Though god help me, I fell for it during that campfire scene. Arthur asking and pushing so hard for Merlin to tell him what to do, to help him save both Mordred and his kingdom, and Merlin struggling with his conflicting feelings on wanting magic to be accepted again but wanting to save Arthur from Mordred. Colin Morgan needs to win all the awards for that scene. His FACE. BOTH THEIR FACES.

But then he condemned magic AGAIN, and I swear Arthur looked so disappointed in him. I know I shouted at the screen, I was so upset at Merlin for doing that again. This was his chance, his BIG CHANCE, and he totally messed it up. I can't see Arthur looking kindly on any magic reveal now, not after that. Not to mention now Mordred is closer to Arthur than ever.

Arthur hugging Mordred at the end like that, with Merlin watching and looking so jealous and miserable and guilty...I can't even. Oh god, I'm so afraid of where they're going with this. They've subverted the legend in so many ways over the years, but part of me is very afraid they won't extend that to letting Arthur live and everyone getting a happy ending. Losing Arthur would break me. Damn you, show!

I don't know what to think about next week, but maybe Gwen and Morgana will get to have a decent conversation. You never know, it could happen.
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