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Hrm. Are we ever going to have a guest star of color who isn't a villain? And a creepy "look, a woman, let's take her back and violate her" kinda villain to boot? I guess not. Despite no actual harm coming to Gwen other than a highly unfortunate and sexist outfit, that part kind of gave the rest of a decent episode a bad flavor.

Lots of harsh words from Arthur again this week. I get him not wanting to hear Gwen's name, finding it too painful, but to go as far as threatening Merlin with exile too? TWICE? Not on, Arthur. You really did deserve having that soup spilled on you and should've gotten a lot worse.

However, you get some points back for admitting you had no idea what to do and to ask Merlin for advice. B/c somewhere in that head of yours you know he's the best friend and counsel you have. Not believing him about Agravaine is obviously going to come back and bite you in the ass, though, and I'm sure the end of the season will be all about those revelations. I do wish Arthur would choose Merlin over Agravaine anyway, without that epic betrayal involved, but ditching Agravaine will finally be that last hurdle to making Merlin his most trusted adviser, I think. Until then, all this push and pull between them is going to make everything so damn tense. At least I'm convinced that Merlin knows all of Arthur's threats and ranting are just so much bluffing; he stood his ground admirably in the face of all that anger.

Merlin's devotion to the whole Arthur/Gwen thing was cute and it amused me how Gaius poked at him for sulking over it all. Arthur's fumbling attempts at flirting are just as cute, really, and I'm glad Princess Mithian didn't turn out to be horrible. I liked her, actually. She was nice to Merlin and didn't put up with Arthur's crap.

It was also completely mind boggling that they actually had her pick up on how much Arthur values Merlin and his counsel, and not only was she totally okay with that but she ASKED FOR MERLIN'S APPROVAL. A princess honestly asking a servant to give her a chance. I can't even.

I hate that they had to make Gwen look dumb to make her try to get away from Helios. Seriously, there was no reason for her to climb anything to hear what was being said, not to mention she'd likely know Morgana's voice anywhere so there was no reason to get a better view, either. It's all so disappointing and just shows lazy writing. I kept hoping she'd realize Merlin had healed her and finally clue in to the magic thing, but no. Argh. No one in this series has the observation skills of a rock.

It's interesting that Arthur has changed his mind about Gwen without any of the circumstances having changed. No one has found out about the enchantment yet and Gwen obviously still blames herself entirely, but Merlin doesn't care a bit now (possibly just b/c it's "destiny" and all that) and Arthur, while conflicted, still loves her anyway. Politically it's still a terrible position to be in, especially now that he's gone back on an alliance and given up historic lands in the process. There really seem to be so many obstacles still to overcome for them to be together and I'm not sure how they're going to manage it on the show. I just hope they don't ignore it all completely.

Having only two more eps to go just sucks. I don't want this season to be over. :(

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Date: 2011-12-11 09:50 pm (UTC)
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Sometimes I think the writers just don't know what to do with Gwen. I mean, they have basically eradicated her "legendary" plotline - which sucked to begin with, because in it, she was passive - and failed pretty much to come up with a better one for her. And so she's all over the place. I think they can do better. I wonder how much of that was because they had no idea this is where they'd go with the show four years down the line. Hmph.

I don't want this season to be over, either!! Noooo.

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Date: 2011-12-11 11:32 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I wish they'd decide on a characterization for her. I want the Warrior Queen like she resembled in that promo pic! Or a great diplomat who will help Arthur make good political decisions, like she was helping with a bit earlier this season.


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